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The tech industry stands as one of the most fast-paced sectors, offering millions of opportunities for businesses and skilled professionals alike in the midst of the ongoing digital transformation. We are dedicated to breaking down recruitment barriers and connecting exceptional talent with forward-thinking organisations. Looking for the missing piece in your tech team or your next role? We leverage technology and industry expertise to connect you with the top tech talent you need to match the pace of the sector. 

Within technology, we specialise in the following areas:

  • Business Change & Transformation
  • Software Development
  • Data and Analytics
  • Networking and Security 
  • Infrastructure and Cloud 
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Design and Creative

About Us

Our Recruitment Strategy

Our recruitment strategy centres on identifying standout tech specialists who seamlessly align with the objectives of multinational corporations. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, cutting-edge advancements, and client expectations, our technology agency is positioned to drive substantial change within the industry.

Drawing on our extensive network and expertise, we ensure the seamless integration of top-tier talent into organisations leading technological innovation. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of both our clients and candidates, contributing significantly to the continued growth and success of the tech sector.

Connecting Companies to Expert Tech Talent

Dedicated to refining hiring practices within the tech sector, our proficient recruitment agency focuses on identifying the attributes that cultivate high-performing teams while ensuring cultural alignment. Our approach emphasises a deep understanding of our clients' tech needs, resulting in tailored recruitment strategies that seamlessly integrate with their unique team dynamics and operational environment.

Drawing upon our extensive network within the tech industry and prominent job boards, we uncover exceptional talent across various tech roles. Our specialists excel at conducting comprehensive assessments of evolving industry trends and our client's current tech workforce, informing our recommendations with precision and insightful analysis.

In technology recruitment, our skilled consultants prioritise transparent and efficient communication throughout the hiring process. Recognising the distinct characteristics of each tech organisation, we remain adaptable in crafting customised recruitment strategies that align seamlessly with their specific business objectives.

Our Recruitment Services


As a valued recruitment agency within the tech industry, we're at the forefront of sourcing permanent professionals, positioning ourselves as leaders in the field. With our extensive connections and broad talent pools, our recruiters excel at identifying individuals capable of delivering quality tech solutions.


If your organisation requires skilled individuals for temporary tech positions, our contract recruitment solutions connect you with highly adaptable talent across various tech roles, ensuring prompt access to the expertise you need. With our broad client network and rich talent pools, we are capable of providing optimal results tailored to your requirements.

Our Technology Sub-Specialisms

At Tank, we are committed to linking brands with cybersecurity experts with specialised skill sets to construct robust defences against evolving Networking Security threats. Our dedicated recruiters have the resources required to deliver innovative solutions.

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With deep expertise in steering businesses through digital transformations and a comprehensive understanding of tech trends, we possess the resources and knowledge to provide impactful hiring solutions for Business Change and Transformation roles.

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Our specialised recruitment agency is committed to linking candidates with top-tier tech talent for global businesses, sourcing professionals well-versed in the latest software development methodologies and frameworks, ready to propel innovation forward.

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Benefiting from our unparalleled client network; we collaborate with skilled Data Scientists and Engineers to unlock invaluable data insights that drive business advancements and decision-making. We offer boundless career opportunities tailored to match candidates' and organisations' strengths and objectives.

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Dedicated to facilitating connections between businesses and top talent in Infrastructure & Cloud, our expert recruitment consultants maintain a standard of excellence. We strategically navigate the cloud domain to source high-performing professionals, including Cloud architects and Engineers, who optimise infrastructure efficiency.

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Utilising our extensive networks, we collaborate with organisations to harness AI talent and develop intelligent solutions that revolutionise business operations. We prioritise identifying exceptional career opportunities that align with the unique requirements of both candidates and businesses through technology recruitment.

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At Tank, our mission is to bridge brands with creative minds who bring vitality to impactful visuals and campaigns tailored to engage target audiences. Our specialised recruiters possess the resources required to provide innovative solutions.

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Exploring opportunities in the technology industry but feeling overwhelmed? With a wide range of clients and strategic resources, we're ready to help all kinds of tech talent with different experiences find their ideal technology jobs. Our recruitment experts take a personal approach, focusing on each candidate's unique goals and career objectives instead of just looking at their resume.

Rest assured, our recruiters have the knowledge and skills to provide customised solutions to meet your needs. We have extensive experience connecting newcomers with companies that value career growth, and we help executives secure leadership positions. 

We promise personalised solutions for every candidate. Get in touch with one of our recruitment experts today to learn how we can assist you in finding technology jobs that match your professional goals.

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